Why SEAFOODWAYS ? First Europe’s leading seafood transport and logistics network

Why SEAFOODWAYS ? 2018-06-05T16:27:41+00:00
seafood packaging

Products with strong constraints

  • Short expiration date, freshness requirements
  • Not compatible with other food products
  • That require strong expertise and experience
seafood packaging

A changing market

  • Tough competition
  • Wide range of sourcing
  • Unpredictable supply and demand
  • European flows development
  • European flows development
seafood loading

A complex and demanding supply chain

  • Wide range of SKU’s and packaging
  • Just in time supply-chain
  • Multi-channel distribution and short channel
  • Air freight development
  • Security and traceability high requirements
seafood logistics

A necessity : to rely on a seafood transport and logistics operators

In order to :

  • Bring you security, agility and optimization of your operations.
  • Support you on all your markets (country and distribution channel)
  • Take competitive advantage of our extended network all around Europe